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Rennie Mahon founded Dynamic Sounds alongside his brother and cousin in the late 1980's. They were familiarly known to DJ and use their own sound system at family events including small hall events, house parties, weddings, birthdays and funerals.


They took their passion to the roads of Notting Hill Carnival. What started as a small t-shirt and sound system hire band has now grown into a family-orientated costume mas band, Dynamic Mas.

Rennie has played an intergral part in Dynamic Sounds for the past 30 years. His dedication has helped the band grow significantly and now has expanded the team to include family members who share their love of Carnival and their Grenadian/Trinidadian heritage.

We also organise events outside of Carnival including the Trini Park Lime and Chutney Soca Boat Party, where everyone can come together to celebrate their love for their Caribbean roots.

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