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Jab Notting Hill Carnival

Welcome to Dynamic Mas!

Started 30 years ago as a t-shirt band, we have since evolved into a costume band taking to the road every year to spread unbeatable vibes and unforgettable experiences. We pride ourselves on providing a family feel and a welcoming atmosphere for anyone looking to join us on the road. Everyone is welcome to join us whether you’re a seasonal carnival goer or someone who’s looking to try something new. Come and be part of the Dynamic family!

Dynamic Mas - Notting Hill Carnival 2023

Dynamic Mas featuring TriniBoi Joocie at Notting Hill Carnival 2023

Dynamic Sound's New Year's Eve Party
Tickets out now!

Getting ready for a fete?
Listen to DJ Double M's SOCA Jam 2023 mix to get you in the party mood!

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